Nature Based Archetypal Facilitation

Nature Based Archetypal Facilitation

The Earth is Alive and Dreaming

Archetypal facilitation provides gentle guidance and witnessing in engaging the symbolic life emerging from the deep roots of psyche.  Working with dreams, deep imagination, personality type, and other methods, archetypal facilitation nurtures a dialogue with the archetypes of the unconscious for a realization of a fuller sense of being and wholeness, nurturing a deeper and broader relationship to Self.

Nature based archetypal facilitation engages the symbolic life of soul outside in natural areas. By deeply walking the land and engaging in other earth-based practices, nature based archetypal facilitation broadens our experience of psyche as it interacts with the images emerging from the natural world. This nurtures a fuller relationship between soul and world and opens new dimensions to our ecopsychological lives


According to Jung, our personal psyche is rooted in the archetypes of the collective unconscious and the archetypes are rooted in the earth. To engage archetypal processes in nature is to move closer to the roots of our ecopsychological life and to engage what Jung called the two-million-year-old Self. Nature based archetypal facilitation helps to bring the unconscious aspects of this “inner ancient one” and our relationship to the earth back into consciousness so that we can re-inhabit our true place on earth. As we learn to hear and see through the eyes of the ancient inner one, the world reaches out to us through leaves and rivers, hills and valleys, flowers and breezes, silence and bird calls, dreams, fantasies, visions, synchronicity, and other phenomena of the inner and outer life.

Coming alive in the midst of life

Nature based archetypal facilitation helps us to “see like trees,” to experience the world and the cosmos as alive and dreaming. Hilltending is a guide to joining that dream and realizing a fuller sense of health and wellness. Helping us to come alive in the midst of life, Hilltending engages the images from the natural world in the same way as dream images, inviting the earth into the work. In Hilltending, to move out into the natural world is to move in to the living dream of the world. The inner ancient one is thereby acknowledged, honored, and welcomed back into a world that is alive and dreaming.

Landscape becomes Dreamscape,
Dreamscape becomes Landscape,
Ordinary becomes Sacred

The wisdom of the inner ancient one of the collective psyche is experienced in Hilltending through methods of archetypal facilitation such as

  • deeply walking the land and other earth based practices nurturing different ways of knowing
  • dream work (using the methods of association, amplification, and animation)
  • active imagination
  • archetypal cosmology
  • archetypal function stack development (working with the complete function stack in personality type)
  • the alchemical process of working with personal and collective eco-myths (econarrative)