With Hilltending as Jungian coaching, you can more effectively meet life’s challenges at home, at work, and in your inner life, becoming more present in all areas of your life. As you move closer to your authentic self, you'll find deeper happiness and wellness through healthy psychological relationships to Self and Others.

Hilltending as Jungian coaching

  • guides you in entering into a dialogue with unconscious layers of psyche (personal and collective) with a focus on becoming more aware of the nuances of and transforming your psychological relationships to Self, others, and the cultural world.
  • Terminology is mostly metaphorical, describing inner aspects of the Hilltending process.

Hilltending as Jungian coaching helps empower you to

  • Develop different ways of knowing and become aware of unconscious content that influences your life
  • Identify the inner “villains” and “allies” on your journey and understand the meaning they hold for the understanding and engaging of your psychological life and that of others
  • Integrate seemingly opposites into creative and transformative development
  • Come to understand the past, present, and future (personal and collective) as a cohesive whole and where you fit in
  • More effectively meet life’s challenges at home, at work, in your inner life
  • Be more present in all areas of your life
  • Make better decisions more aligned with your authentic self
  • Better navigate life transitions
  • Be more comfortable with and develop new ways to deal with life’s inherent vulnerability, uncertainty, and ambiguity
  • Find more balance between the intellectual/rational/scientific and the emotional/intuitive/relational aspects of life
  • Become proficient with strategies, tools, and techniques to continue to develop a relationship with your deeper Self, long after our Hilltending relationship might have ended
  • Like Hilltending as Ecotherapy,  the Hilltending framework provides a process to Hilltending as Jungian coaching for healthy psychological relationships to Self and Others
The Hilltending Framework for healthy relationships to self and others and world
The Hilltending Framework

Some of the concepts and techniques we might engage include (but are not limited to)

  • Working with dreams
  • Active imagination
  • Personality type function stack development
  • Synchronicity and the new sciences
  • Spiritual aspects of psyche

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