Ecotherapy and Depth Psychology for Professionals - Training and Self-Care

Ecopsychology and Depth Psychology for Professionals  Training and Self-Care with the Hilltending Framework

Some of the Hilltending for Professionals services I provide include:

  • Individual ecotherapy and depth psychological coaching services as self-care
  • Group workshops and training on a broad rand of depth psychological and ecopsychological topics
  • Individual training and consulting on making ecotherapy a part of your practice

If you are a therapist or other type of clinician, guide, coach, educator, clergy, activist, community organizer, or similar, ecopsychology and depth psychology for professionals training and self-care can empower you to be more present to yourself and to the people you are helping.

Through individualized coaching, group workshops and training, I provide a way for you to integrate depth psychological principles and ecotherapeutic practices into your work and organization. Some of the topics I can deliver training on include:

  • The Archetypes
  • Jungian Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy
  • The Jungian Individuation Process
  • Projection, Transference, and Counter-transference
  • Complexes
  • Psyche and Vocation
  • Critical Perspectives on Jung’s Work
  • Personality Types
  • Working with Dreams
  • James Hillman and Archetypal Psychology (several different topics)
  • Synchronicity
  • Open talks … Jungian perspectives on any topic

To find out more, contact me or schedule a consultation in the form provided.

If you'd like to find out more about my Hilltending for Professionals services, you can schedule a free 30 minute consultation. In this consultation, we will explore how Hilltending can help empower you and your staff to integrate the concepts and practices of ecopsychology, ecotherapy, and depth psychology into your work.

I highly recommend Dr. James Liter for teaching professionals how to integrate depth psychological and ecotherapeutic concepts, and the themes they engender, with their clinical work.

-Paul Krauss, Health for Life Counseling

Highly Recommended