Hilltending: Finding the Way Back to Self and Earth

Hilltending: Ecotherapy and Jungian Coaching

For Wholeness of Psyche, Body, and Earth

Hilltending is a depth psychological framework of ecotherapy and Jungian coaching to achieve and maintain wholeness of psyche, body, and earth through healthy relationships to ourselves and the world around us.

Remote and Local

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Remotely wherever you are or in person at the Hilltending Campus Located in Dowling, Michigan. 50 minutes from Grand Rapids and Lansing, 20 minutes from Battle Creek and Hastings

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In this remote consultation, I will walk you through the Hilltending process and we can explore how Hilltending might help you reach your goals and desired results. I look forward to meeting you!

Dr. James Liter, Ph.D.
Jungian Based Ecotherapy and Coaching

I am passionate about the human relationships to and between psyche and nature.

I have been a practicing ecotherapist and Jungian coach, in many different forms, for 25 years. Rooted in Jungian psychology, my practice is centered around facilitating nature-based archetypal experiences and psychological integration. Working with the unconscious, the archetypes, complexes, and projections, I have helped many people around the world improve their relationship to nature and, through that, their overall wellness.

Hilltending is the term I use to refer to the process that I have developed for tending these deep relationships. Informed by depth psychology and ecotherapy, Hilltending offers a proven system to intentionally engage with psyche and nature - one of the most powerful things we can do to promote overall health and wellness for us and the Earth.

The Hilltending Process

Depending on your goals and desired results, I offer Hilltending services either as ecotherapy or as Jungian based coaching.

In Hilltending, the “Hill” is a layered metaphor. It might, at times, be an actual hill, but more often it is a feature of our inner topography, our psychological relationship with ourselves, others, and the world (including the natural and cultural worlds).

Hilltending as Ecotherapy and Hilltending as Jungian Coaching both utilize depth psychological techniques of coming into dialogue with the unconscious layers of psyche. Both modalities are engaged from within the same overall process. At the beginning of the Hilltending process, we will engage the first two phases (“Assessing the Terrain" and “Mapping the Topography"). In these initial sessions, we will get to know one another and listen to what psyche is saying.  After this, the Hilltending process is fluid and dynamic and will unfold in a unique way for each individual and in each session.

Hilltending as Ecotherapy or Jungian Coaching?

Hilltending as ecotherapy empowers you

  • to become more aware of and intentionally transform your deep relationship to the natural world
  • to work with your ecological “shadow” and come to terms with associated emotional responses
  • to recognize and enjoy the awe and beauty of being a member of the Earth Community without being overwhelmed and disempowered by ecogrief
  • to find peace of mind and needed strength to develop creative ways of lowering your ecological footprint and contributing to the healing of the Earth
  • to realize many of the same empowerments as in Jungian Coaching

Hilltending as Jungian coaching empowers you

  • to become more conscious of the nuances of and transforming your psychological relationships to Self, others, and the cultural world.
  • to identify inner “villains” and “allies” on your journey and integrate the meaning they hold for you
  • to integrate seemingly opposites into creative and transformative development
  • to more effectively meet life’s challenges and transitions at home, at work, in your inner life
  • to make better decisions more aligned with your authentic self
  • to be more comfortable in dealing with life’s inherent vulnerability, uncertainty, and ambiguity
  • to find more balance between the intellectual/rational/scientific and the emotional/intuitive/relational aspects of life

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Find out more about me and my Hilltending offerings by scheduling your free 30-minute consultation. In this remote consultation, we will become acquainted with each other and explore how Hilltending can help you reach your goals and desired results. I look forward to meeting you!

Since working with James my life has changed in an epic fashion. It was so helpful to get the Hilltending perspective, and I am no longer the same person that I was before I began working with him. If you have the chance, I would do whatever you can do to make that investment in your well-being. You will remember it as a life changing decision.

-Mary S.

"You will remember it as a life-changing decision"
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