I am often asked if Hilltending is a form of psychotherapy. First of all, Psychology is not and should not be equated with the common notion of therapy though, that something is wrong with us and needs to be fixed. Therapy is only one part of psychology. We all have a philosophy, and we all have a psychology.

Hilltending, both as ecotherapy and Jungian coaching, is rooted in Jungian psychology. While Hilltending is psychological in its approach, it is not psychotherapy and should not be considered a replacement for psychotherapy.

While it is sometimes practiced by psychotherapists, ecotherapy is not always psychotherapy. Hilltending, my approach to ecotherapy, is not psychotherapy.  In our Hilltending work together, I will neither offer any diagnoses or commentary on previous diagnoses nor will I prescribe any medication.

Hilltending is not intended as a replacement for psychotherapy but for those who are seeking guidance and accompaniment on their journey of development and to the understanding of the deeper psyche. The system of Hilltending is proactive and future, goal oriented. It is designed to empower you to grow into your authenticity and full potential. Hilltending works with both conscious and unconscious aspects of psyche and we might look backwards at times, but only to better understand how we came to be where we are and where we might be heading.

While Hilltending is not psychotherapy it might be, depending on your situation, appropriate, but only as complimentary to psychotherapy. It is not an appropriate replacement. If you are considering Hilltending with me and are currently in therapy, consult your therapist first and get their guidance. Finally, if you are not currently in therapy, we can begin with Hilltending but if, at any point in our work together, I feel that you might benefit more from therapy, I will let you know and, if I feel it is warranted, stop our Hilltending work together until such time as you begin therapy and Hilltending becomes more appropriate and helpful in your situation.