Wholeness of Psyche, Body, and Earth

Wholeness of Psyche, Body, and Earth

Hilltending as Ecotherapy

 Many of our physical, psychological, and spiritual symptoms have been shown to be directly related to a pervasive and ever-worsening fragmentation of nature, body, and soul.

In the modern world, it is easy to forget that we and the earth live in a grand ecological relationship as parts of a larger whole. With Hilltending practices and integration, I help resolve the fragmentation of psyche and earth through a deepening of the experience of nature, body, and soul coming back together.

As an ecotherapist, I see symptoms as expressions of psyche and body attempting to lead the way into a healthier and more soulful way of being in the world. Rather than isolating and treating either the human or the earth as a “patient,” I engage symptoms as signposts guiding us to proactively tend to the relationship between them. To move out of the frantic efforts to “fix” the one or the other and into the tending of their relationship invites us back into wholeness.

Hilltending as ecotherapy restores wellness by restoring wholeness with the natural world

Hilltending can guide the way to profound healing and ongoing wellness. Restoring wholeness of nature and soul has been shown to lead to an overall sense of physical and psychological balance and wellness, alleviating many common symptoms and contributing to lasting transformation. The health and wellness of the earth is also nurtured by Hilltending as ecotherapy. As we become more aware of the fuller story the collective unconscious is dreaming to us, we are better able to value, heal, and tend to the relationship we have to the earth, resulting in more beneficial and less destructive actions.

 Facilitating this process to unfold in natural areas, I help uncover and integrate the deeper meaning of symptoms and issues. Hilltending provides a framework for a soulful ecotherapy that has grown out of many roots – Jungian psychology, spiritual ecology, ecopsychology and, perhaps most importantly, my lived experience in my own journey and while working with others around the world. It is a proactive means of restoring and nurturing wholeness in and with the natural world.

Hilltending provides a framework for a soulful ecotherapy to restore and nurture wholeness in and with the natural world. With my guided Hilltending ecotherapy sessions, I can help restore a soulful relationship to the natural world, leading to an increased overall sense of wellness for human and earth.