Seeing Like Trees

More important than any of the practices in Hilltending is the integration of the experiences—what meaning do they carry to us from soul and world and from us to soul and world.

Whether in retreats/workshops or in individualized guidance, Hilltending is about integrating soul and world into a new, larger whole and living life from the resulting deeper and broader relationship to Self. It is a means to heal and tend to relationships between soul and world in way that is beneficial to human and earth health. The above practices are the first step into this process. In the integration, we work deeply with the experience, exploring the meaning it carries to us from soul, and the meaning soul carries to the world.

Practice and integration is a dance that sometimes moves slowly and sometimes quickly. Hilltending does not force interpretations but provides a facilitation of the discovery and awareness of resonance with soul. This facilitation occurs throughout the Hilltending sessions in different levels and in all of the practices. It is about learning to see differently, like trees perhaps, so we can find our way back “home” in the dialogue between soul and world. This is where healing occurs as we come to live in harmony as a part of this relationship rather than directing or controlling.