Currently in a final phase of editing, The Hilltending Notebooks are a series of guides into the theory and practices of Hilltending. These brief, accessible, and practical “field guides" will fit the busiest of schedules and help you discover how the practice of Hilltending can nurture all around health and wellness through the healing and tending of your relationship to the Earth.

Individual notebooks as well as the complete compilation will be available soon for digital download (in .pdf and ebook formats).

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Explore the Soon to be Released Hilltending Notebooks

Spirit of the Depths: Jung’s Black Books, The Red Book, and Imaginal Ecopsychology

With discussion and practices, this Hilltending Notebook explores how the images presented by Jung in The Red Book and the newly published The Black Books describe his relationship to the natural world and how important he held nature to be for our well-being. This notebook also explores how these important works can inform an imaginal practice for us today.

Wildflowers and Red Wing Blackbirds: Dream Ritual in the Natural World

This Hilltending Notebook explores working with dreams and how to honor the images and mystery of the dream through dream ritual in the Natural World.

Named and Tended: Coming Home to Nature Through the Archetypal Experience of Place

Coming home to nature might seems cliche, but when we come to know the “personality” of a place through the archetypal practice of personifying, a new depth of relationship to the place, and the earth, emerges. Returning to a “named and tended” place is always a homecoming and a reunion with loved ones. This Hilltending Notebook presents the outline of naming and tending your place of homecoming in nature.

Seeing Like Trees: Spirituality and the Ecological Psyche

This Hilltending Notebook explores spirituality and the ecological psyche through awe inspiring and reciprocal experiences of the larger Self in the natural world.

The Philosopher’s Stone: The Practice of Alchemical Econarrative

Our relationship to nature didn’t just show up one day. It has been developing all of our lives. Much of this relationship is unconsciously informing how we go about being on the earth. This Hilltending Notebook will help you uncover, transform, and fully inhabit your true relationship to nature through the practice of alchemical econarrative

Paths to Wholeness: The Great Mother, The World Soul, and Ecological Individuation

Individuation was the term Jung gave to the process of psychological development. This Hilltending Notebook explores this process from an ecopsychological perspective, suggesting practices for engaging ecological individuation by working with the archetypes of the great mother and the anima mundi or world soul.

from soul to rocky strand: embodied experience in the natural world

Becoming fully aware of our embodied experience in the natural world, even for brief moments, deeply enriches our relationship to nature. This Hilltending Notebook explores concepts and practices of our somatic relationship to the earth.

Weeping for the Planet, Singing with the Stars: Terracentric and Geocosmological Practices for Coming to Terms with Eco-Grief

This Hilltending Notebook explores the archetypes of the terracentric and geocosmological approaches to nature, and offers practices to celebrate our relationship to the earth and come to terms with ecogrief.