Learn and experience ecotherapeutic Hilltending practices with a group of like-minded people in our three-month Hilltending groups

Overview of the Hilltending Groups

Celebrate the wonder and hope of being a member of the Earth community

Confront and integrate the ecogrief of ecological crises

Discover the archetypal patterning of your relationship to nature

Dream with the Earth and envision a regenerative wholeness of humans and nature

Uncover and inhabit a fuller expression of our archetypal Earth story

Experience body, soul, Earth, and cosmos as a mutually beneficial relationship

In a combination of group learning/sharing, practices, workshops, and suggested reading, the Hilltending Group engages many topics, such as

  • How deepening our relationship to nature enhances our overall wellness and the wellness of the Earth
  • How the archetypes of nature, the ecological unconscious, and development of the ecological Self are crucial to a mutually beneficial relationship with the Earth
  • How the Hilltending practices of working with dreams, active imagination, and story can empower us to dialogue with the ecological unconscious and become more aware of the Ecological Self and our archetypal relationship with the Earth
  • How the Hilltending practice of Alchemical Econarrative can help us consciously transform and tend our personal and collective relationships to nature
  • How the embodied and spiritual practices of Hilltending can guide us into a fuller relationship to the Earth
  • How the terracentric and geocosmological approaches to nature interact, making our relationship to the Earth complex, and how Hilltending can integrate them into a new and healthier whole
  • Discovering places of practice and developing your own Hilltending practice

Group enrollment period: 3 months

Next term: Spring 2022,  April – June, 2022.

Location: Various locations in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area

Facilitators: Dr. James Liter, Ph.D.

Meetings: 33 total hours over 12 group sessions and 3 individual sessions

Group size: limited to 12 participants

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Hilltending Group Curriculum
Part 1: Introduction to Hilltending
  • Module 1a: Introduction to Hilltending
    • Paths to Wholeness: The Great Mother, The World Soul, and Ecological Individuation
  • Module 1b: Hilltending and Ecological Individuation
    • Breaking the Habit of Being Human: What is it Like to be an Ant?
  • Module 1c: Practice Day 1
    • Named and Tended: Coming Home to Nature Through the Archetypal Experience of Place

Part 2: Encountering the Ecological Unconscious
  • Module 2a: Encountering the Ecological Self: Part 1
    • The Rune Reader Born from the Earth: Living Stories of our Relationship to Habitat
  • Module 2b: Encountering the Ecological Self: Part 2
    • Spirit of the Depths: Working with Dreams and Active Imagination
  • Module 2c: Practice Day 2
    • Wildflowers and Red Wing Blackbirds: Engaging in Dream Ritual in the Natural World
Part 3: Logos, Eros, Soul, Earth, and Cosmos
  • Module 3a: Spirit and Matter
    • Seeing Like Trees: Embodied Spirituality and the Ecological Psyche
  • Module 3b: Weeping for the Planet, Singing with the Stars
    • Confronting Ecogrief and Celebrating the Cosmos
  • Module 3c: Practice Day 3
    • Crafting The Philosopher’s Stone: The Practice of Alchemical Earth Story

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