James has been facilitating nature-based archetypal experiences and integration around the world for many years. He holds a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology and the Certificate in Ecopsychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. His doctoral research provides a foundation for an archetypally patterned ecotherapy integrating different approaches into a regenerative relationship to the entire earth community. He has been a guest lecturer at Grand Valley State University on topics such as shamanic traditions, Jungian art and aesthetics, world mythology, and the hero’s journey. He is the author of the upcoming Hilltending Notebooks, a series of ebooks on nurturing health and wellness in our relationship to the earth. His previous publications include journal essays, the collection of poetry A Language We Once Knew, and the photography for Jason Kirkey’s Estuaries. He currently lives on a small farm in west Michigan with his wife, three border collies, and a flock of Dorper sheep, where they are in the process of researching and implementing regenerative practices for psyche and earth.

I am passionate about facilitating and intentionally tending our relationship to the natural world. I believe that it is the single most powerful thing we can do to promote our health and wellness. Psychologically and physically, we are deeply rooted in the Earth and, as recent studies have shown, spending time in nature and rekindling a life sustaining way of being brings remarkable benefits to us and the entire Earth community. Rooted in this basic premise of ecopsychology and informed by the concepts of Jungian depth psychology, I refer to my approach to eco-coaching as “Hilltending.”

Hilltending has also grown out of my personal experiences in and with nature.