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You are receiving this email due to your past interactions with me or participation in events and meetups at the Temenos Center.

I have been contacted by several people over the past several months asking if there are going to be any future events at Temenos. As I am sure you are aware, the Temenos Center is no longer active, but I am pleased to announce that there is a very active evolution occurring into a new form. Many of the things you loved about Temenos will be offered again, with a strong focus on our archetypal relationship to the Earth.

If you do not wish to receive any further email of this type from me, no action is required – I will not be using the email list from Temenos any longer.

Read on to find out about what is new and upcoming and where you can subscribe to a new email newsletter.

Root and Leaf

Ecopsychology, Ecotherapy, Eco-Coaching, and Nature Based Archetypal Facilitation

After finishing my Ph.D. at Pacifica (finally!) – I have thrown all my energy into a (somewhat) new venture – Root and Leaf. Some of you might have already heard of Root and Leaf, which I have been working on part time as I finished my doctoral research into the human relationship to nature. Now that I have finished my Ph.D., I am in the full-time process of expanding and growing the Root and Leaf programs.

Hilltending at Root and Leaf

Through an approach that I call Hilltending, Root and Leaf is all about empowering a healing of and tending to our archetypal relationship to the Earth and cosmos. Hilltending is framework of archetypal concepts and practices that strive to nurture a reciprocal wholeness of human and nature. Building on the findings of my doctoral research and through a Jungian and Archetypal approach to understanding the promptings of the ecological unconscious, Root and Leaf offers a range of services and programs.

Some of the things going on:

New Programs

Programs are currently being developed with the intention of 1) serving populations that are especially vulnerable to the debilitating effects of ecogrief – caregivers, activists, and young people, and 2) bringing the concepts of ecopsychology and ecotherapy to social justice and food justice, to name a couple areas. These will be long term projects that are only just beginning, so stay tuned! Contact me if you are interested in contributing to the building of these efforts with Root and Leaf!

Individualized Hilltending

Individualized Hilltending sessions are available online and in various locations in West and Central Michigan in the Grand Rapids, Hastings, Lansing, Battle Creek, and Kalamazoo areas.

Hilltending Groups

Hilltending groups will start in April 2022. Find out more, download the 2022 Hilltending Group catalogue, and be sure to join the emailing list.

Hilltending Campus

Casey and I purchased an old farm in 2020 that we are in the process of restoring, implementing regenerative agriculture, and building an ecotherapy campus. It has been slow going, but I hope to host individual Hilltending sessions and group meetings here very soon!

Partnering with Health for Life Counseling

I have partnered with Health for Life Counseling Center in Grand Rapids to expand their services with an ecopsychological approach.  Be sure to check out the ecopsychology blog posts while you are there!

The Intentional Clinician Podcast

I was also a guest on the Intentional Clinician podcast – be sure to have a listen.

Coming Soon: The Hilltending Notebooks

A series of ebooks on Hilltending is also planned to be released later this year. You might recall that Hilltending is the approach to ecotherapy that I started at Temenos. I have actively been developing and implementing it further since then with a much clearer conceptual framework and practices of working with the ecological unconscious to nurture a fuller sense of health and wellness with the ecological Self. You can find out more about the Hilltending Notebooks at the Root and Leaf web site.

Get More Information

You can find more information on all of the above and the link to join the new newsletter at Root and Leaf. You can also contact me there on the contact form.

I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Dr. James Liter, Ph.D.
Root and Leaf LLC