Econarrative, Earth Vocation, and the Great Turning

Econarrative, Earth Vocation, and the Great Turning

In this workshop we will explore how we can contribute to a healing of our collective relationship to the earth. We will work deeply with a memory of an experience in nature by dreaming it forward in active imagination, and taking it into the forest on a contemplative nature walk to uncover a part of our earth-vocation.

Date(s) - 10/06/2019
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Cascade Peace Park (Meet in parking lot on Bolt Dr.)

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Coming to terms with the ongoing destruction of the earth is a challenge on a scale never before faced by humanity. How do our personal stories and memories of experiences in nature relate to the trajectory of our collective relationship with the earth and how can they inform and guide us on what Macy called the Great Turning – a turning away from exploitative ways of being and toward a life sustaining and honoring way of being on the earth. Macy describes the Great Turning as a conceptual framework that “identifies the shift from a self-destroying political economy to one in harmony with Earth and enduring for the future” (World as Lover, World as Self, p. 141). Through the following practice, we will uncover a part of our earth vocation—how the earth is calling us to participate in the Great Turning.

We will begin with an econarrative exercise in which we will be invited to recall and share (if so desired) a significant childhood memory of an experience in nature. In an active imagination session, we will then “dream” that memory forward to see how it might develop further. After this exercise, we will take these two aspects of our econarrative into the forest in a contemplative nature walk, paying attention to the “movement” of the forest as we do so. Bringing diverse archetypal aspects of the inner and outer world together in this way opens us up to how the memory has informed our relationship to the natural world. It will also allow us to imagine into how the earth has been and is calling to us to participate in the Great Turning. We will close with creating an earth vocation shrine with natural items we gather during the walk, followed by a talking stick session for those who wish to share their experience.

What to bring: Weather appropriate clothing and shoes. Water. Camping chair, blanket, and journal, if desired.

Where: Cascade Peace Park. Park in the lot on Bolt Ave. and follow the path up the slight hill to the bench.

Cost: $15.00 suggested donation (at event)


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